miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2007

my favorite band

The first album of the band "Odyssey", here begins a relentless search for a sound that identifies a new musical style. In the year 2002 we know a new course of this adventure, a path that leads us to ourselves and lets us know the power of a music that identifies us. Tecupae, a word that embodies the dreams of people who started this trip yesterday and today are living their destination.

After some time experimenting with different styles and musical maturity with a hit, you get a product with a single stamp, this is the case "3 weeks and 4 days." In this new production presented a series of topics with a richer musical language based learning all situations and lived.

My diet

My diet is simple like any venezuelan is: In the breakfast milk, yogurt, sandwich
in the lunch usually I eat beef chicken, rice, and other protein. In the dinner
the only thing that I thinks is in the hamburguers, candys, pasta, eggs.
Well how you can see my diet is no healthfull but Im a venezuelan and we eat
every thing.

jueves, 4 de octubre de 2007

fair of the chinita

Friday 18 of November of 1709 was old the engrossed one in its tasks, reason why it did not pay attention to a series of blows that were listened to in the wall where it hung the image.

The blows were listened to again, but she did not move. Nevertheless, to the third time, one went been strange to the place from where the blows came and surprised it saw how in the picture the image of the Virgin of the Chiquinquirá was appraised clearly and brought forth of her a shining light.

The surprise of such phenomenon took it to the street where it began to shout: “Miracle, miracle” and with this occurred beginning par excellence to the celebration of the zulianos: the Fair of the Chinita.
Framed festive cycle in the celebration of the FairAll the 18 of November, and for forty years, Maracaibo and the Zulia state in general, have been coming celebrating the Fair from the Chinita, date that has become from that then, in occasion of celebrations for the believing faithfuls of the zuliano town and their environs, without no ecclesiastical or civil law has decreed it.
With the lighting system of the lights of the Beautiful avenue Vista, music to is of the gaita, fireworks that illuminate the marabino sky, with chimbangles that resounds their drums, orquestales bands in everything a fair frame, accompany to the virgin in their route by the streets of the miracle.
The celebrations in honor to the Chiquinquirá, stopped being the modest supervisory celebrations of the past acquiring the international characteristics of festejo of great complexity where religious and popular events come together, all reunited under the name give to the Fair the International of the Chinita.
On a par of the formal cronogram and religious of activities other popular events and of masses are developed that constitute the Fair.
In her in excess ones of bull are made famous, bailables in sites public and deprived nights of the city, gaiteros dawns, games of baseball, the great finery of the beauty, (beauty aid which it allows to choose the sovereign who will be the queen of the fair by all the year, transmitted by Venevisión through his program sensational Saturday), the parade of floats and comparsas, in addition many other activities that are going to flood to Maracaibo of a climate of enthusiasm, solidarity and collective reaffirmation of the Christian Faith to initiate the celebrations decembrinas.
The 18 of November, central day of the celebration of the Fair, a pontifica mass is celebrated and the short procession. On a par the baseball game is developed wins Virgin of the Chinita, sport activity very frequented by the zuliana fanaticada one, that meets (after one long night of parranda) to give him to spirit and support to the pelotero equipment of the Eagles of Zulia.
To the following week the procession of the aurora is made and in her the image removes from the basilica to the 3:00 of the dawn, so that next to his town it receives the day in the street. Finally, following Sunday raises the Virgin the altar.
In this Maracaibo opportunity Fair of the Chinita gets dressed in full dress to receive to thousands of visitors in the occasion of the celebration of cuadragésima, which motivates the committee of Fair to make a work in equipment that allows to exhibit the historical and cultural values of the zuliano town


miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2007

my pleasures y my dream

my name is Juan Victor Estrada but you can call juanvi to me, I am of maracaibo originally.
I am 18 years old and study electronic engineering in large city.

I liove in maracaibo. I love playing in the computer
, likes I music, playing soccer, sleeping, sailing by Internet, chatear, leading moto, driving car, writing text messages by telephones and to speak by this, I like to leave with my friends and I like to make money.

my favorite food is espagueti, pasticho, the fried fish and the food scrap iron as they are: the amburguer, the hot dogs, pizzas, you donate them, and the cakes.

my dream is to be professional, to be a withdrawn electronics engineer of large city. also to work in a good company where it makes much money, to have a good family, that stable and it is very united. and the time that I have left to share it with my beings wanted in my house!

my talent

my name is estrada Juan Victor and my talent is the videos games. the game that but I like is need for speed carbon, since it is a game that resembles much the reality. this game has different stages and multiple forms to play it, the we can to play in line by the network with other people of the world, or simply in nuestos PC or sample video console game. the game has different modalities as they are: skid, drif king, acceleration, races, and way of exploration